Friday, August 26, 2011

Wands Or Lightsabers: May The Force Or Patronus Be With You!

So this weeks question is incredibly simple, with no big long explanations, (I actually asked my best friend and his beautiful wife this question and they answered in unison in about half a second*) so here it is.

Would you rather be a Wizard from the Harry Potter movies?


Would you rather be a Jedi from the Star Wars movies?

There you have it, you all know what this entails for both choices, and if it sways your argument, yes you do get a wand if your a Wizard and a light saber if your a Jedi.
I have posted a poll at the side incase you just want to vote, but feel free to leave a really cool answer if you are up for it. So get answering, and until next time, stay good, no matter you be a magic or force user, and I will blog at you later.
*Just incase you were wondering, they both picked Jedi, and once I told them they would get light sabers it left no doubt to their choice.


  1. Clearly Jedi. Jedi can do anything wizards can do, through the Force. Plus, they get lightsabers, starships, and a built-in spidey sense. How on earth could Potter hope to stand up to Anakin?

  2. Wizard. Definitely wizard. The jedi powers seem to be limited to telekinesis, mind reading, very blurry visions of the future, and occasionally lightning. Wizards can do all of that (minus seeing future depending on source), and still have even more powers. In just about every source I have read wizards can fireball stuff, shape-shift (which has so many applications that no one seems to realize), teleport, make magic barriers to protect themselves, summon stuff, and produce magic objects. And this is just the general stuff... Go further into just about any setting with wizards and they have even more powers. I mean a wizard can just scry a jedi, teleport in and fireball him, and teleport out. Repeat as nessesary should he live. And that isn't even the most devestating tactic a wizard could use. SO ya definitely a wizard.

  3. Now Davis, remember, we are talking about the wizards from the Harry Potter universe, so some of the things you listed they don't do, but still, I see what your talking about.

  4. wizard have lot of power i agree but if i remember aren't most wizards can't say oh that right 'You-Know-Who' and about 88% of the wizards/Witchs didn't fight they hide under their bed or join him so they don't get killed but Jedi may have limit powers but they stood and fight umm interesting