Friday, April 29, 2011

Jet Li VS Tony Jaa

This weeks question is fairly simple, it is the age old playground question, who wins in a fight. I will probably do a couple of these, but to start off I thought we would put two of the best movie martial arts artists, (say that five time fast*) working today against each other and you guys can decided who would win.
These are not the guys I am thinking of!
First up, the reining king of kicking buttery, (not sure if buttery is actually a real word, but I am using it anyway, cause there is no one here to stop me, Mwaahahaha), the one, the only, Jet Li.
I am not actually fighting right now, my leather coat
is too tight and this is as low as I can get my hands
Now if you don't know who Jet Li is you probably have not watched an action movie in the last 10 to 15 years, (if that is the case I want to know what you have been up to, I mean, were you in prison, or abducted by aliens, or possibly hanging with Kal El at his fortress of solitude**, let me know) so let's just say that he is a little Chinese ball of fury that pretty much destroys everything in his path. If you have watched any of his movies then you know what a bad man he can be, but in case you haven't, here are highlights to drive the point home.

So, going up against Jet Li is a man with possibly the most lethal knees and elbows in the world today, or at least in the movie world that is, Tony Jaa.
Put your left elbow in, Put your left elbow out,
Put your left elbow in and hurt people all about!

 Tony Jaa is similar to Li in a few respects, in that he is not a big man, and he is incredibly quick and agile, but where they differ greatly is in their fighting style. You see, Jet Li was born in China, and thus a lot of his fighting style is taken from traditional Chinese martial arts, but Tony Jaa is from Thailand, and the Thai style of fighting is called Muay Thai which is a form of kick boxing the uses elbows and knees more then any other fighting style, and man can Tony Jaa do some amazing things with said knees and elbows. Let's go to the video tape so you can see what I mean.
Ok, so there they are, Jet Li and Tony Jaa, so the question is, if these two were to meet in a fight, like on some fictional island, where some evil mastermind pitted them against each other, with the purpose of making the winner fight his super robotic monkey/kitten organic hybrid, (is that just crazy or what, having the winner fight a super robotic monkey/kitten hybrid is one thing, but making it organic super robotic monkey/kitten hybrid is just evil) if that is the case, who would you pick. That's it, leave your answer, and the first person to respond will get their named mentioned in my next post, if that is not encouragement to answer then I don't know what is***.

*I am referring to saying "movie martial arts artists" five times fast, and not the word "that" smartypants, so there.
**If you answered the third one then you have officially made it on my list as one of the coolest people in the world, joining the ranks of my friends Jade Lassalle and Adam Hemming, congratulations.
***In truth I am thinking cash might get a faster response, but I am not at liberty to give away any money right now, well, that is at least until the alien mafia nazis frees up my funds, and who knows when that is gonna happen.


  1. Sorry, but Bruce Lee would barrel-roll in and give them both a smack down.

  2. Ok, so other then Bruce Lee coming back from the grave, I actually didn't get any blog comments. What I did have was people give their answer on Facebook for some reason, and I even had a few friends just walk up to me and tell me who they chose, and the winner is..........Tony Jaa

    Well, that is who got more votes, and if I had to pick as of today, I would have tonpick him, cause he is younger and flat out crazy in the things he is willing to do. So there you have it, now no complaining if you wanted Jet to ein and you didn't vote, cause you had your chance.

  3. BEAR

    tony jaa all the freaking way ... i dont see jet Li jumping out of a helicopter just to knee a guy?girl? :S. any way tony jaa would rip jet li apart thats my opinion :P