Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Zombies Or Terminators

Alright, so far I have been doing this blog for about 4 months now, and I have be honest, I am loving it. Who knew I could actually write, (well, then again, maybe I can't and the internet world is just humoring me) and I have been happy to see some people actually reading my musings, but the one thing I haven't been getting is a whole lot of comments and feed back. So, in order to satisfy my fragile ego and in hopes of actually hearing from some of you I am starting a weekly question segment for you guys, (and by guys I am also meaning any female, girl, woman, chick or any other word for the opposite gender from me that I have not used here, my two daughters told me I was allowed to use "guys" when referring to girls as long as there is more then one person you are referring to, and they are 8 and 6, so they must know what they are talking about) to answer. So, first up, I heard this mentioned on a local Toronto radio station, (shout out to 102.1 The Edge) and it actually was something I had been contemplating for a while anyway, so here is my first question for my Question Of The Week*

Which would you rather have to be stuck in a world were Zombies have taken over, or a world where the Machines take over. So, since I am a movie guy, of course I am going to give you some film examples so you can make an educated decision. So, first up.

Even Zombies want to eat healthy!
Ok, now there has been a ton of zombie movies in the last 20 years, but in the last 5 years that trend has sped up and they have become one of the main villains in much of the horror movies produced lately. So, when somebody says zombies, it is now actually hard for you to really know what they fully mean. Now yeah, everyone understands that it means people who are no longer living in any traditional sense, and that they wish to eat you, but other then that it leaves a lot open to your imagination. So things like, can zombies run, or walk, or just kinda drag their feet around slowly looking confused. Can they reason and problem solve or communicate with each other, and then there is the whole thing in what it takes to kill them. So, I am saying the word zombie to you, and I thought I would give you a frame of reference, and for my purposes, so I am giving you the movie brilliance that is, Shaun Of The Dead.
Ok, so yeah, Shaun Of The Dead is a comedy, or possibly a Zomedy, but it is also a real zombie movie and I think it best fits the bill for what I am thinking. Now, although it is more scary if Zombies can run, I just don't buy a running zombie, and that is the main reason Zombieland was not chosen. So, Zombies can't run, but they can walk at an ok speed, are not afraid of anything, including fire and yes, they want to eat you, your brains and your loved ones (and their brains too). Having no fear and no sense of pain, they will just keep coming, unless you destroy their brain, any way you can, (Shaun actually uses a cricket mallet for half of the film, but really any blunt object would work well, for some great examples on weapons of choice for defending yourself from Zombies I suggest you read The Zombie Survival Guide, by Max Brooks, it just may save your life!) Ok, so that is Zombies covered, on to the

Hey, did you see where I parked my car?

So as I write this, yesterday was the actual official date that Skynet from the Terminator movie was to go online. If you have no clue what I am talking about let me fill you in, (if you do know, just go get a snack, and then when you answer this post make sure to let me know what you ate) Skynet is a "fictional" military computer system that is developed to watch over all the tech stuff for the various branches of the American armed forces. Here is the problem, Skynet becomes alive, and after doing some quick artificial intelligence computing comes to the conclusion that humans are stupid and will probably try and kill it, and so it hits first and nukes half the planet. After that it makes a whole bunch of robots called Terminators to round up the rest of the stupid humans and that is when us stupid humans fight back and start whooping some machine butt.
So, killing machines everywhere, mankind dwindling, and then we get to fight back and scare the machines so much that they freakin invented time travel because they were losing. Unlike zombies, terminators are semi smart, fast, work together and will never stop to eat, and they are a heck of a lot harder to kill then zombies. If you whack a zombie in the head with a cricket mallet it will stop bugging you, (and by bugging you I mean trying to eat you) hit a terminator in the head with a cricket mallet and the mallet breaks and you die. See the difference. Now, terminators can be killed, it takes guns and bullets, (lots of bullets, and the bigger the gun the better pretty much) or dropping heavy things on them or throwing them in to lava, but it is possible. Now unlike zombies, when a terminator kills you, he just kills you, no eating of your brain for him.

So, now you know the differences, think it over for half a second, and then choose. If one of these things was going to happen, and you were going to have to live in that world, which would you pick. Please** place your answer in the comment section, tell me your name, what country you are from, and which one you would pick and why. I will answer once some of you guys go first. That's all for now, happy picking, and remember, the fate of the entire world rests in your hands pick wisely, cause a wise man once said, "With great power, comes great power, and that is a pretty cool thing"***. So stay safe, from zombies and machines alike, and I will blog at you later.

*I am not sure if I am actually going to call it this for the long run but I am going to just use it now cause I can't think of anything cooler, feel free to make suggestions, but that would mean you are going to have to comment, and I know how much you all hate doing that.
**Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease leave your answer, did I mention please?
***Tricked you, you thought I was going all Uncle Ben from Spiderman on you, didn't you, ha, nope.


  1. definatly zombies, there slow stupid and easy, not to mention fun, to destroy

  2. zombies, for a few reasons. First they are slow, unless you are dumb enough to get surrounded a quick walk will get you away from them, where terminators have flying robots, and can move at least as fast as humans (and these are the small robots). secondly zombies have to get within arms reach to do any harm, allowing anyone with a rifle to take pot shots all day long, where terminators can kill you from long range. Third in a zombie apocalypse there is likely lots more stuff to salvage (food etc.) as most of the infrastructure is intact, whereas in terminator world this infrastructure is either nuked into the group, or terminator controlled. fourth in terminator world you have to be suspicious that anyone could be a robot, where in zombieworld it should be fairly obvious (blood moaning, shambling walk etc.). Thats all I can think of off of the top of my head.

  3. Machines. I can see how zombies would be easy to take back the world from and all, but honestly they terrify me so, no thanks. Machines, because they think for themselves, would force us to become a unified world. Saying we do survive as a race, I think we'd be stronger for it.

  4. zombies. they are just dumb, computers are smart man!

  5. Here is my two cents, Zombies are easier to kill, but way scarier, but I would still probably pick them cause I got mad skills in the zombie killing department due to res evil.

  6. also I have read the zombie survival guide, and have yet to read anything on post-apocalyptic robots so I am more prepared for the zombies.