Monday, January 17, 2011

Your Blog Is Named What?

So, it has been about a month since I started this crazy little thing called blog, and some of you who know me well probably understand the meaning of its name, (that would be only about 2 or 3 people) but everyone else probably thinks I am nuts, or that I have a fetish for earth toned outer wear (I can neither confirm nor deny that second one, so I will just leave that out there for internetland to gossip about). Well, here it is, the post where I explain why the heck my blog is named what my blog is named.

So, I guess the first thing you need to know is, who is Jesus. Well, Jesus is the son of God.
He goes by a bunch of cool names, you can find them in this "good" book called, The Bible. Check it out if you are looking for a good read and/or an awesome savior. Moving on.

So, this leads to the next question, What the heck is a brown coat? Ok, so this is where it helps if you know me. Cause if you really know me, then you know I am a huge Firefly fan. Now here is where you get to say, what the heck is Firefly?..........................., go on, I'll wait, ................., no really, you can say it..................... good, now don't you feel better, it is like we are having some super information highway conversation experience, except I am probably watching a movie right about now and you are here, reading my blog. Anyway, so here is a quick history lesson.
In 2002, Joss Weadon made a tv show called Firefly, it was original, it was funny, it was cancelled very quickly. Yep, it lasted half a season before the nice* people at Fox scrapped it. But because of its creators love, that is not where the story ends, more on that later. So, as for the show itself, it was about a ship called Serenity and its crew. The crew was made up by an assortment of misfit characters. There was Mal, the jaded but decent Captain, Zooey, his wartime best friend and first mate, Kaylee, the adorable ships mechanic, Jayne (this is a guy, so don't make fun of the name, cause he will kill you) who is the ships all around muscle, and Wash, the funny laid back pilot who is married to Zooey. Besides the crew, there are others who are traveling on Serenity. There is an older monk/priest named Shepard Book, Inara, who is a companion (think religious order, that also doubles as a high priced escort), along with River and Simon Tam, a brother and sister duo who are on the run from the universal government for too many reasons to go into in this post.

Ok, now that you have a little back story on the characters, I will get to the whole "Browncoat" aspect of Firefly. You see, the series starts during an intergalactic civil war of sorts, with the core planets forming an "Alliance" and the outer ring of planets fighting for their freedom became considered rebels, and because of their choice in clothing, which guessed it, brown coats, the slang term given to them was, Browncoats. Yeah, I know, real original of them, but it is not like they were great thinkers. Anyway, the Browncoats lost the war, and this is important because Mal and Zooey were browncoats, and this is one of the defining things for both of them in how they view the universe and live their lives.

So, now you know who Jesus is, and you know what browncoats are, so this is where I tell you how Jesus is a browncoat. Well, the way I see it, Jesus is the ultimate browncoat, cause he was the ultimate rebel of his or anybody else's time. He rebelled against so many things that I couldn't possibly list them all, but here is a quick list. He rebelled against the religious leaders of the time, calling them out on their legalism and hypocrisy. He rebelled against the ideas of worldly power and wisdom, calling into question the whole system of how the world worked, and who really was rich and who was really poor. And lastly, he led the biggest rebellion of all time, when he rebelled against the powers of sin and death, conquering both and thus changing everything, for all time. So as far as I am concerned if the term Browncoat means rebel, then Jesus was the biggest Browncoat ever. Now, on to the misbehaving part.

Remember earlier, when I said Firefly didn't end when it was cancelled as a tv show, well Joss Weadon loved his show so much that he refused to leave it there, lifeless and unresolved. Thus, he made a lot of calls, and finally, after a lot of work, he was able to get the whole gang back together and made the movie, SERENITY. Now, in this movie, Mal and the crew were able to wrap up most of the story lines that were started in Firefly, and near the end of the movie, they find out something important that has been hidden from the universe, and they have to decide what to do with that information. This is a huge turning point for Mal's character, and he decides that he is going to do anything he can to get the information out, including being willing to die. He then tells his crew, "No more running, I aim to misbehave." I myself have taken those words as something of a personal motto. To me, it means, I am going to try and do the right thing, even though it is hard and might have consequences that would be less then desirable, especially since it is going against the powers that be. I even have it tattooed on the back of my neck (yeah, I know what your saying, my best friend thought that was pretty lame too, but it is my neck, you can get whatever you want tattooed on your neck and talk about it on your blog, but this is my neck and blog, so there) So, as far as I am concerned, Jesus was a browncoat, so I aim to misbehave, and now you know why.

*Where I use the word Nice here I actually mean stupid.


  1. Great blog entry.


  2. Thanks, your my first person to leave a comment on the blog, figures it would be a Browncoat.

  3. Thanks for 'splaining. Would one need to watch the tv show to understand the movie Serenity?