Saturday, May 14, 2011

Superpowers Extravaganza

So, (man, I always seem to start these things with So, or, well, ok all I can think of is So right now, but I am sure I only have one or two phrases that I begin with) here is this weeks chance for you to contribute to Internetland*. Now over the years, arguments have gone back and forth over whose super powers you would rather have, and I thought I would give you all one to think about. But instead of going with a traditional superhero like Superman, Spiderman, and Howard The Duck, (well, ok, maybe not Spiderman), I decided to go with two guys with powers that could be superheros if they wanted to be.

Dude. why do I suck so much?
Oh yeah, I forgot, Spiderman 3!
First up, do you often find yourself just wanting to get away, but can't afford it or don't have the time? Well then, have I got a super power for you. How would you like the ability to transport yourself in the blink of an eye to pretty much anywhere you want on earth. You think it, and bam, you are there. Well, then, Jumper is your movie.
But what if travel is not your thing, but you worry about the future a lot. Being able to jump anywhere is good and all, but if you jump into a place where you would be killed, well that is not gonna be all that helpful. So, instead of Jumping, how would you like to know the future instead, well then, Next is your ticket to ride**.
So those are the choices you have, would you like to pop all around the world, or see what is coming at you a mile away. Let me know what you would pick, and why, and the first person to respond gets their name mentioned in next weeks question, like last weeks winner, my buddy Conal, some of you may
Super Powers are for wussies!
remember that Conal is my friend who has a very sincere devotion to screamo music, rugby and most of all, my beard***, and he was the first to pick Tony Jaa to beat Jet Li, so thus I am talking about him right now. So get your answer in pronto, you know you want to, and until next time, stay super powered, like my friend Sunshine, who has smile power, or my buddy Cracker, who has freaky musical powers, or possibly my sister Shanon, who has the power to never be able to get to the punch line of a joke, well, I guess that is not really a super power, its not like she is a super ant, or possibly a wonder bunny****, anyway, safe choosing, and blog at you later.

*Internetland sounds like a great place to be, doesn't it. I can just see the adds,

and it sounds a little bit safer than Zombieland, but just a little bit, cause have you seen some of the stuff out there in Internetland, heck, zombies might even run away from some of it, so be careful out there.
**Coo Coo Ca Choo
***I have been getting a whole lot of compliments on my beard lately, because it is getting so long. Pity I am going to have to trim it down for my BFFF's***** wedding, I'm the best man so I kinda don't have too much choice.
****Super Ant and Wonder Bunny is a book that my sister made when she was a kid, and I love to bring it up to bug her. Love ya lil' sis.
*****Pineapple Express reference, if you have seen the movie then you know what it means.


  1. Jumper. All. The. Way.
    Being able to see the future would be cool, but the fun part of life is the unexpected. Plus, travelling is amazing. So Jumper. I rest my case.
    (However, Cole from inFamous would be my number 1 superpower.)

  2. Jumper, seeing the future would ruin everything, as there could be nothing unexpected. Alos why are you limiting us to the 2 choices, why not just pose an open question?

  3. Giving the two choices just makes it easier so people have some parameters to make an educated choice.

  4. Jumper, I don't need to see the future, God's got it handled. I could get to small group so easily, and when I'm thirsty I can jump down and get some McDonalds dollar drinks <3