Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Life Is A Lie: Entertainment or Energy

This is a question that I have been waiting to do for a while, and it involves finding out something about your life that would change it forever. So, lets get right to it. First off would you rather wake up one day to find that your whole life is fake, your friends are paid actors, same as your family, and pretty much everything you know is a fabrication. Well, then your name might turn out to be Truman, and your life might look something like this.

Yep, if you haven't seen it, The Truman Show is one of Jim Carreys best movies, and it is all about finding out who you really are.
Are you the way you are because it is in your genes, or because you have been made that way by the people who surround you, or both, and what would you do if you found out your whole existence is a lie, shown to the world for entertainment.
If I don't see you, Good afternoon, Good evening and Go away, or something like that.
But wait, there is another choice. Instead of finding out that you are in a world that revolves around you for the entertainment of others, you can find that your whole world is a lie, and that your real purpose in existing is as an energy source for a race of machines that keeps your mind a slave in a make believe world, or as you probably know it, The Matrix.
Oooowww, Its all green and sparkly,
I wonder if it is minty fresh too?
The Matrix has you, follow the white rabbit! These are the words that spark off the search for truth that leads Neo to find his world is just a virtual reality program that is used to keep human slaves happy while they are drained of their life.
Unlike Truman's world, were your life's purpose was to entertain, in the Matrix, you find that your life is a lie, but also that there is a war going on, and now you are a soldier on the front lines.
Ahh man, I hate being all sticky!
So here is the choice, find out your life was all fake and now that you know you have to figure it out what to do, and where you fit in, or find that everything was all in your head and there are machines that want you dead. Sure, Truman's world seems easier, you just have to move on, yet basically everyone on the planet knows who you are and have seen you do everything, but there is not a way to take any real revenge, or have any sense of justice. While in the Matrix, sure, your life was a lie, but now you have someone to fight against, a battle that whether you win or lose, you at least tried and took some control back about what happened to you.
I thought I would just give you a glimpse of what it would be like if Jim Carrey was Neo.
So, thats it, let me know which one you pick, and why, and remember, always aim for the head when fighting zombies, this really has nothing to do with this post, but is sound advice none the less. Stay cool and blog at you later.


  1. The truman show for sure. Sure it would be embarrassing, but you don't face the constant risk of dying horribly. I am allergic to dying, I break out in a bad case of death every time it happens. As such I try to avoid it.

  2. Im with Davis, I don't want fight for my existence or the survival of the human of the human race. I'd much rather live a predictable life where the sun always shines. Let someone else save the world.

  3. Well, most people seem to be picking Truman's world, with the exception of Super Ginger Josh Carroll, who totally picked the Matrix, cause he wanted to be able to jump over buildings. I would also pick the matrix, cause to find out the world isn't real is one thing, but to find out all the people I know have been lying to me for my whole life would be too much to handle. Plus, I am lazy, and learning Kung Fu in 3 seconds would rock.