Saturday, June 18, 2011

There Can Be Only One - Who's The Best Bond

So this weeks question is easy, who was the best James Bond? You have 4 Bonds to choose from, I am not including anyone that has not been in at least 2 movies as the British super spy, oh, also you can't have the name Daniel or Craig, so sorry Daniel Craig, you're not allowed to play and vote for yourself, (ha, you think I didn't know that you read my blog, did you Daniel, well the jig is up bub, and I got my virtual eye on you, and let me tell you, your next Bond effort better be a whole lot better then that last piece of mediocre tripe you put out, your first film was great, do more like that). So let me know, who is the best Bond, and I will crown a winner in two weeks time, so make sure your vote counts, (cause I don't want to hear any whining and complaining if Dalton wins and you think otherwise, it's all on you).

Sean Connery
So first up is the original James Bond, Sean Connery, and because he was the first James Bond, quite often he is considered the best. This is mainly due to the fact that every Bond after him was always compared to him in some way or another. Starting the franchise off with the movies, "Dr. No", "From Russia With Love", and "Goldfinger", he set the ball rolling for a character that has lasted almost 50 years, and is still going. Basically, he set the tone for all that was to follow, and although this might or might not make him the best, it certainly adds some credibility to the argument. Plus, in case you I forgot to mention it, he is Sean "Frickin" Connery, and you basically don't get any cooler then that.
Roger Moore
The second man to drink from the shaken not stirred martini glass was English actor Roger Moore. He took Bond as more of a light hearted jester killing machine kinda spy and is responsible for, "Octopussy", "For Your Eyes Only", "A View to a Kill" and 4 more other films. Moore was the Bond I grew up with as a kid, so I have lots of fond memories of him, particularly when he used the front skid from a snowmobile to snowboard down a mountain, man I wanted to do that, and I would have, if only I would have had a front skid from a snowmobile, a mountain and super spy skills, all of which I was lacking at that age, (still missing the mountain and skid, but I got mad spy skills now that I am adult. In fact, I am so sneaky that I have snuck into your room while your reading this and am standing behind you*).
Timothy Dalton
The 3rd man to have a license to kill is Timothy Dalton, (Ha ha, you see what I did there, Timothy Dalton stared in a movie called Licenced to Kill, and mentioned that he had a licence to kill, this is gold I am giving you people, pure GOLD**). Now I have always kinda liked Dalton, cause he was Bond during my teen years and he is Welsh, and my Dad is from Wales, so I kinda had a whole heritage pride thing going on, now unlike the earlier Bonds, Timothy Dalton only made 2 movies, "The Living Daylights" and "Licence To Kill" but even in such a limited run, there are still people today who think he is the best. So vote for him, and as they say in Wales, "llannddrunllemhanrr tam thellwodd"***

Pierce Bronson
Fourth and last on the list is Pierce Bronson, who is someone that fans had clamored for years to don the mantel of the double o's. Bronson did a great job filling the shoes of Bond, bringing a bit of a different take on the spy, but also hearkening back to Connery more then anyone else. He started with one of my favorite Bond movies "Goldeneye",which later became one of the best Nintendo games ever, (which was also called, "Goldeneye" in case you were not around to play it, or are not very smart, both of which would be sad) And then he followed that up with, "Tomorrow Never Dies" and "The World Is Not Enough". All in all Bronson did 4 films with decent success before handing over the reigns to the current Bond, but was he the best 007? That is up to you guys.

I will get you for this incredibly good looking blogger guy,

So there you have it, the four Bonds in the running. You have 2 weeks to get your answers in, and then I will throw in my two cents and will crown a winner. So who is it, who do you think reigns 007 supreme. Until next time, remember, be shaken, but not stirred, and blog at you later. Now Moneypenny, wear did I leave my gun?

*Ha ha, made you look, actually I am hiding in your closet, but the door is stuck and I really have to go to the bathroom, so could you please let me out, PLEASE!
** Not of the Finger variety mind you, but Gold none the less.
*** This is not actually Welsh, but it could be, they use lots of double letters. Now if it was actual Welsh, it would say, "A vote for Dalton is probably a waste of a vote, but thanks none the less"


  1. To be honest I haven't watched all the movies but I know Pierce Bronson the most and it just so happens that I like him the best! so Until I see a better Bond I stay with my first choice!

  2. I'm pretty sure I would just vote for Daniel Craig, even though my name is not Daniel nor Craig, and even though he's disqualified (apparently because Quantum wasn't good enough?!)

    I never was much of a Bond fan. I think I've seen four or five of the movies, tops, and I never really felt the genre made much sense to me. But Casino Royale was a very different sort of movie, and was the first Bond movie I paid money for after shelling out good cash to see it in theatre! I was quite eager to see Quantum in theatres, was disappointed, but got it as a Christmas present that year anyways. After a couple more watches, I've actually come to appreciate it, too... its biggest downfall is that the plot is quite convoluted, and the pacing was too fast to sort things out. But I'd still take Quantum of Solace over most of the "classic" Bonds.

    So there, the vote is split: one for Brosnan, and one for Craig. Nothing you can do about it, either.

  3. Wow, what an underwhealming QOTW response, and if you just look at the comments posted here it would seem Bronson is the man, but for some reason, some people are having trouble posting their answers here, so they put it on my facebook, and if you take that into account, you have 2 votes for Bronson, and 2 votes for Connery, so I guess I am the tie breaker, and I say..... Sean Connery. He is the original, and since I have been watching the eariler Bond movies lately, I would have to say he is the winner. So there you have it. Thanks to all who voted.