Tuesday, June 14, 2011

30 Days Of Dinosaurs Or Darkness

For this installment of Q.O.T.W. I am giving you a whole month long vacation away from the normal drudgery of life, and giving you 30 days in two incredibly different locals with two very different types of wild life. (ok, now before anyone makes the stupid comment, "I wouldn't pick either one", lets just assume that some super secret government agency has kidnapped you and is giving you these as your only options, cause they are big government jerks, so you have to pick, ok, great, moving on).
So first up is the beautiful tropical island of Isla Nublar, or as most of you probably know it better, Jurassic Park.

So you all know the story, "God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates
Come for the sights, stay for the meal.
 dinosaurs. Dinosaurs eat man, Woman inherits the earth."* well I don't know about that last part, but that is the main story of Jurassic Park. So you would be on the island, for 30 days, with the dinosaurs set loose and hope to do your best to survive the flesh tearing, claw ripping dinosaur roaring inhabitants.

You could spend your 30 days in the isolated yet stunningly
And then he said, "No, I already gave
at the office". Can you believe the
nerve of some people.

beautiful Barrow, Alaska, where for 30 days a year the town goes completely dark, its kinda like the sun takes a vacation. Now that sounds kinda bad, but you still get to be in a town, and that is good, so there are buildings and a store, but wait, I forgot, there is something else that is also in the town, and that is Vampires, which have made the trip specially to Barrow for the 30 Days Of Night.

So the choice comes down to this, would you rather spend 30 days with dinosaurs that are trying to kill you on a hot island, or
Yeah, I'm shocked I have a career too!
30 days in wintry Alaska where Vampires are searching house to house, looking to eat you with smiles on their faces and a glimmer on the fangs. As always, post your answer and we will see what is scarier, Dinos or Vamps. So until next time, stay away from vampires and 
Pick Me!
Pick Me!

dinosaurs, and remember, stay away from vampires and dinosaur, yeah, I said it twice,
but you can never really get enough of such sound advice as that, and that's what I am all about. Blog at you later.

*This is a quote from Jurassic Park, in case you were wondering, which I know you were.


  1. Although dinos are scary I would pick them. There are several reasons. The first is that a vampire presumably has the same intelligence as a human, and if determined could really kill me easily. Dinos on the other hand don't have human intelligence, and therefore could be outwitted (aka. hidden from behind a locked door). Locked doors will stop dinos but not vampires.

    2nd there are the ecosystem factors to consider. Dinosaurs can only have a very small population density due to the small food supply. (remember how rarly you see a deer in a forest? wolves/bears are even less common as they feed on deer). Therefore it is likely that I will not encounter too many dinos. Vampires on the other hand have a large clustered population that follows human populations, and thus I would be closer on average to a vampire then a carnivorous dino.

    3rd. If I decided to stay locked in a building (ex. abandoned lab) on dino island then I could get the food left behind in the same building, never having to go outside at all. In the arctic I would have to go outside to get food water etc. revealing myself to the vamps.

  2. My answer is that i would want both at the same time. If the vamps feed on blood and it is completely dark maybe they will be confused or even intrigued to eat the dinos that have much more blood then me! The dinos would also be so lost in the dark because their eyes are used to a sun that is not covered by pollution, and it would be completely dark so they would be almost blind. In this way I could mind my own business and the dinos and vamps would take care of them selves. I would look the secret military people in the eye and tell them that I want both options, and because they would think I was such a smart alack they would just give in to my crazy demands, not knowing that I had a plan all along! ha ha ha!

    ....... But if I really had to chose one I would go for dinos because humans can easily get bit by a undercover "shinny" vampire boy and then turn into vamps them self, then I would have to deal with a whole new load of vamps that now know my name and weakness! You've never herd of a dinosor bitting a human and the human magically turns into dino-man.Besides, dinosors are friendly, like Barney!

  3. i would pick the dinos cause all u need is to find the guns for security and then lock your self in the kitchen or one of the safe houses :). but if we are talking about the old fashion vampires that die when exposed to garlic or holy water i would hide in a church or a grocery store, but i think i would take my chances with the dinos

  4. Definitely Dinosaurs! I mean, who could possibly be afraid of beings who sparkle in the sunlight?? Besides, did the awesomest Pilot ever play with toy Vampires? No.
    Annie. :)

  5. So the verdict is in, and it appears that Vampires scare the crap out of people way more then Dinos do. Not one person picked Vamps, either here or on my Facebook, which some reason people are answering on cause blogger doesn't like them. As for me I would probably pick Jurassic park, but mainly cause I would prefer the climate, hot is betr then cold anyday.