Monday, July 18, 2011

Pixar Smackdown: Round One

Before I get into my normal brilliant as usual post, I just thought I would mention why I have yet to post anything for July, so here goes. Life happened. Ok, now, onto the post.

So in this edition of Question Of The Week, (which I should probably start calling Question Of The Whenever I Get Round To Posting It, but it is too late to change it now, no matter how often it comes out, plus I am lazy, so Nuff said) is the first step in discovering, (at least from the people who read this crazy little thing called Jesus Was A Browncoat So I Aim To Misbehave) what the best Pixar movie is. Now as before, when I was putting together my best movie of all time list, I am not looking for your or my "favorite" Pixar movie, but the actual best one of all time. This will be done in rounds with two movies going against each other every week until there is only one left standing.
Now, as of late some of you who have been reading and trying to comment, (in particular those of you who have red hair, or are bald) have not been able too due to some crazy Internet blogging conspiracy, so here is how I am going to do this. First, feel free to give me a great cool long answer in the comment section, (Davis, I am looking at you here) or you can post the same on my Facebook page, but, and here is the important part, in order for your vote to count you have to check off your selection in the poll on the right side of the page. The voting will remain open until I post the next Pixar Smackdown Round, and I will just ask that you only vote once* per round. So, with all that said, onto Round One, and as they say in one of my favorite 90's video games**, FIGHT!

So to start off I decided to go with two of Pixars most well known films, and what better film to go first then Toy Story.
The story of a boy and his toys is the movie that started it all for Pixar and made the characters of Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff
Pick me, or Buzz will drop me!
 Woody household names. Toy Story was an original, brilliantly animated full length feature spectacle of a movie that forever changed the animated movie landscape. It showcased awesome three dimensional animation, had incredible voice work and story telling and basically paved the way for all those that came after it, but does that make it the best?
So going up against the originator is a film that answered the age old question, why do monsters jump out and scare kids from the closet,
 and that movie is Monsters Inc.

Pick me, or I'll get angry,
And you won't like me when
I'm Angry

 3 films after Toy Story, Pixar brought Sully, Boo and Mike Wazowski to vivid life, in a humorous and fantastic story about love, friendship and what home really means, oh, and power shortages. It brings a world of monsters to life that is familiar yet unique, and gave a whole new perspective to how dangerous a sock can be. Just as in Toy Story, it has incredible everything, and the animation even looks better, if that is possible, but, is it the best?

So there you have it, round one, and remember, it is not the film that you like the most, of have the fondest memory of, but the one you think is made the best. So, get posting, and make sure to answer in the poll on the side. So until next time, watch some movies, eat some popcorn, if you get a chance go check out the indie film that just came out, you know, that low budget one about the boy wizard, it has a small following, but could always use some more fans, and remember, always use the internet for good, and not evil. Blog at you later.

*Now I am trusting you in this to only vote once per round, sure, you could cheat and I would not know, but baby Jesus would, hovering over his little cradle, and he wouldn't like it, so be nice and only vote once per round, ok.
**Bonus marks if you know what game I am talking about.


  1. Neither of these is my favourite Pixar film. But the fact that Toy Story does such a good job of capturing the perspective of toys, plus the fact that it was the revolutionary that started this Pixar thing off, earns my vote here!

  2. Hmmm.... tough call. Both are really well made films. I think they both do an excellent job of caputuring a child's imagination. Hey.... don't stare at me like that! Who DIDN'T have imaginary friends when they were kids? With that being said, I cast my vote for Toy Story.

  3. First off I'm not sure who you might have been referring to when You mention guys who are bald and have red hair, but I'm glad to get some sort of an obscure type of mention. So Toy Story or Monsters Inc, I'm old enough to have remembered both very well because my kids were of age when they were released. I really liked them both and can't decide which was better. Can give half a vote to each? If I absolutely have to decide it would have to be Toy Story because it was like a pioneer. I can still remember my little guy with his Buzz Lightyear outfit running around to infinity and beyond shooting everyone with his lasers.

  4. Thanks for the shout out again, but no long response today. I like monsters for no particular reason.