Thursday, March 8, 2012

M.I.A.? The Case Of The Annoyingly Stupid Block

Its been a while since my last post, (as my friend Davis just pointed out to me yesterday) so I will fill you in on why I haven't been posting.
Yep, I have had a really bad case of writers block, where I just end up staring at my iPad screen for what seems like hours, and nothing comes, and that really hasn't changed, but I thought I would just write and see what comes out, so here goes.
This is the screen I looked at for a couple hours before just
adding the above pictures and the text below and calling it a day.
Well...........that sucked. A couple of hours and a few movies watched later, and this is as far as I got, so lets just say, writers block sucks, and here is a picture of awesomeness to make up for my blockyness.
And that's all I got, blog at you later, whenever that is.


  1. You turned a seemingly mundane thing (writer's block) into a laughing fit for me.

    Thank you Peter!

  2. It's me again Peter. Thanks for mentioning me. Some possible future topics

    Transhumanism (No I will not stop bothering you about this one)
    Review some of the newer movies that have come out
    Something on Politics (Santorum should provide ample ranting material)
    Anything Si-Fi related (perhaps review a movie and look into the themes that are there. Or you could just go into the topic) (ex. cloning, Genetic Engineering, AI, could talk about their theological implications too)