Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And Here We Go!

So, once upon a time I had a blog, and boy, was it, a, well, it was a blog, and man was it funny, but after a while a got pretty bored of it, so I deleted it. THE END. Well, at least I thought it was. See at the time, everybody I knew seem to have a blog, it was a blogapalluza, and as soon as it became a bother, and unfashionable (cause I am all about the fashion, insert smirking laugh here) it just didn't seem worth it, that and I was running out of things to say at the time. So at this point I am sure you are asking yourself, then why am I reading this on your Blog? Well, you can thank my friend Ken for that, well Ken and my huge humorous ego. You see, besides being really funny, I watch a ton of movies, and I mean a ton, way more movies then your average bear, or large man for that matter, and I also have a passion for youth and youth ministry, and Ken kept on reminding me that maybe Jesus and the gang could use some of the info I have acquired on said ton of movies that most people have missed that they could possibly use in their ministry to the youts (yeah, I said youts, its my blog and I will spell right if I want to) Thus I finally decided to put something on the net that would get Ken and Jesus off my back, just kidding guys. Anyway, so I chose to start blogging again, and here it is. So look out for my movie reviews, theological rants and incredibly funny musings, and feel free to tell all your friends, and your enemies, heck you can even mention it to your frienemies when you see them over the holiday season, cause they need access to awesomeness too. So in the words of the Joker, HERE.... WE.... GO!!!!!!!!! ........Again. (the again part wasn't the Joker, it was all me baby, all me. I know, genius)

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